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Enter the Industry 4.0 era with Lectra's brand-new Cutting Room for Made-to-Order Production

Stand at the forefront of Industry 4.0 with Cutting Room 4.0
for Made-to-Order Production

2018 will be the year you supercharge the efficiency and performance of your made-to-order furniture production operations. With Lectra’s soon-to-be-released Cutting Room 4.0 for Made-to-Order Production, you will gain a smarter, networked production process—from order processing to production of cut parts—that allows you to maintain profitability and productivity while managing the complexity of mass customization.

Incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies, this modular solution eliminates the limitations of current cutting rooms. The completely digitalized flow of data, from your ERP system to your cutting room, will give your organization the connectivity it needs for greater visibility, insights, and control.

Lectra delivers true
value to customers

Lectra draws on 20 years of experience in the furniture sector to provide its Chinese customers with global solutions adapted to local constraints, enabling them to optimize processes and meet their strategic objectives. With a worldwide network of experts and consultants,
Lectra is never far away.

Lectra 4.0 cutting room for
made-to-order production

For companies who want to transform their made-to-order production, Lectra is launching a new Industry 4.0-compliant solution for made-to-order furniture production. Watch the video to discover more.

Make it with Lectra

Lectra works with the furniture industry for the furniture industry. Combining its customers' experience in upholstered furniture manufacturing with its own expertise and state of the art technology, it creates more than just solutions - it develops innovative processes which in turn create value, help achieve strategic objectives and increase profits.


China accounts for almost one third of global upholstery consumption and the demand continues to rise. This means furniture manufacturers need to develop an increasing variety of innovative products more quickly and produce to deadlines. They must also reduce the number of expensive physical prototypes. By using Lectra’s 3D upholstered furniture design software, customers can explore a multitude of 3D styling variants, control costs and deliver ready-to-produce models.

Furniture cutting room


Fabric is one of the key drivers of product cost, so manufacturers are always looking for ways to optimize its use. An improvement of only 1% of fabric use can mean considerable cost reductions. Lectra solutions generate fabric savings at every stage in the cutting process, guaranteeing optimized production costs.


Manufacturers of leather furniture face two main challenges: the rising cost of hides and the lack of skilled labor. They are looking for a cutting solution which makes the best use of each hide and which also frees skilled workers to perform tasks where they bring more value. Focused on quality and productivity, the comprehensive solutions designed by Lectra give maximum efficiency to the leather-cutting process.

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