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Supporting business model transformation in the fashion and apparel industry

Keeping up with the Fashion and Apparel
Industry's accelerated pace of change

The need for transformation affects fashion and apparel companies in all sub-segments (womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, lingerie, sportswear, denim…). Transformation can imply a more effective and agile approach to design and product development, improved manufacturing processes and organization, new sourcing process and other fundamental evolutions.

Lectra's Fashion Expertise

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Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0:
Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 is the first ever solution designed to help fashion companies navigate Industry 4.0. It enables fashion companies to connect all the technology, people and processes by creating a fully digitalized supply chain.
So, you can streamline the way you work, make more-informed decisions with real-time data, and get closer to your customers than ever before.

Design and product development in Chinese Fashion & Apparel industries

With a rise in trends such as mix-and-match clothing, discrete luxury with fewer logos and e-commerce, design and fit have become a particularly relevant concern in China. Finding the correct fit for a particular target market and making fit consistent accross different styles is key to minimizing costly shipping and returns by unsure or unsatisfied customers.
Lectra's design and product development solutions are based on fashion expertise and western design best practices which focus on creating innovative styles adapted to consumers' choices, and deliver a new approach to product development by combining advanced pattern-making tools, such as digital grading with 3D technology.

A Lectra cutting room is a competitive advantage
for Fashion & Apparel companies

In China’s accelerated fashion environment, production has to be fast and flexible enough to turn out a higher volume of smaller orders on tight deadlines, while keeping costs down and maintaining quality standards. What happens in the cutting room can tip the balance between profit and loss.
Lectra understands these challenges. We combine our apparel expertise with lean methodologies and the latest technology to help companies turn the cutting room into a competitive advantage.


Lectra has a deep understanding of the fashion market sector requirements and the demands linked to designing, developing and producing different types of garments. Its expertise in all types of fashion business models and sector nuances in womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, lingerie, sportswear and denim, is key to helping its customers become hyper-competitive and begin seeing real performance improvements.


Lectra helps companies answer ever-changing consumer's desires while ensuring newness


Lectra helps companies overcome style, fit and manufacturing challenges


Lectra helps to address this dynamic and fast-growing market


Lectra is recognized as a leading partner of the lingerie industry


Lectra helps athletic manufacturers remain technically superior to the sportswear-inspired offers from fashion brands


Lectra's fashion-dedicated solutions have helped the world's biggest denim brands

Sharpen the fashion talents of tomorrow

Lectra has always been committed to the training of future professionals in design and product development. More than 850 schools and universities worldwide benefit from its expertise, best practices and the latest generation of tools. 58 schools and universities already trust Lectra in Greater China.



Fashion changing landscape

China's changing fashion landscape

Collaboration in the fashion industry

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