It's all the software you need to connect, collaborate and streamline your operations. And best of all? You can tailor it to suit your unique business needs. To start, there are three standard PLM products to choose from. Each one contains the tools you need to manage and optimize core areas of the collection-making process – whether that's the design to sourcing phase, development to sourcing, or development to manufacturing. You choose. Want to add extra features and capabilities? There's a great range of additional modules available, as and when you need them.

Design to source

Bring your creative and technical teams closer together and increase control over sourcing and sampling. Respond to consumer trends faster, meet demand and maximize your margins.


  • PLM 4.0 Platform
  • Design Integration
  • Sourcing & Sampling

Develop to Source

Create advanced specifications and improve your technical accuracy. Plus, gain greater control over sourcing, to help you improve both quality and cost.


  • PLM 4.0 Platform
  • Product Details
  • Sourcing & Sampling

Develop to Manufacture

Prepare for production before it even begins. Improve your technical accuracy using advanced specifications. Plus, forecast, compare and control all your costs with greater accuracy.


  • PLM 4.0 Platform
  • Product Details
  • BOM/BOL Cost


Product Details

Consolidate detailed product information from different teams and create advanced specifications, tech packs and drawings, to increase product accuracy, quality and fit.


Get greater visibility and control of margins by accurately comparing, forecasting and calculating all your product costs, including logistics, components, materials and operations.

Design Integration

Bring creative and technical teams closer together, and drive creative collaboration. Seamlessly integrate storyboards, designs and technical sketches on a single platform. This module includes the Lectra Collection Advanced app.

Calendar & Workflow

Manage all your activities, resources and processes, quickly and simply. Speed-up development cycles, improve workflow management and meet tight deadlines. This module includes the To-Do-List app.

Line Planning

Plan collections with precision. Manage and allocate targets, margins and volumes by product, geographical area, distribution method etc. Generate budgets quickly and accurately.

Sourcing & Sampling

Gain greater control over supplier sourcing and request for quotes. Manage processes in relation to targets and control the follow-up of requirements for prototypes and fitting.

Quality Management

Improve quality control with a library of in-built tests. Get greater visibility over test options and expected results, and share reports efficiently across the platform.

The Apps

Lectra Collection Advanced app

Give design and product development teams 24/7, on-the-go access to product catalogs – even offline. They can access, review and annotate product specifications, share them instantly – and more.
With this app, you can really keep up with the pace of fashion. Quickly view summaries of product specifications, review collections and make decisions in real time. You can carry out style searches and filter by criteria such as season, theme and price. As well as product descriptions, you can also view detailed specifications and share with the team comments in real time.

Lectra Snapshot app

Stay ahead of trends and inspire creativity, by capturing photos on the move. Annotate them, share them and save them all on the Lectra Fashion PLM platform for everybody in the team to see.
The Lectra Snapshot app will automatically organize your images according to time, date and location. So, you can spend more time focusing on what really matters. What's more, you can be absolutely confident that there'll be no confusion when it comes to sharing images, commenting on them and collaborating.

Lectra 3D Review app

Enable fashion design and product development professionals to view Lectra Fashion PLM virtual collections and see 3D prototypes in detail, using their smartphones or tablet.
Reviewing collections and making important decisions has never been easier, thanks to the detailed, 3D prototypes in the Lectra 3D review app. View product collections on the go and visualize style, materials and finishing touches.

Lectra To-Do-List app

Manage and organize Lectra Fashion PLM tasks on the move. Make decisions faster, speed-up product development and stay in complete control – no matter where you are.
With the Lectra To-Do-List app, you can manage a list of predefined PLM tasks via a mobile device. Filter tasks based on their time period/deadline, identify upcoming or overdue tasks, and make live updates. You'll have complete visibility and control of all your tasks, even when you're out of office.

To help you work more efficiently and collaboratively, selected Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 modules are also supported by mobile apps. All three of the products come with the Lectra Collection Advanced app and the Lectra Snapshot app.


We designed our standard offers based on the industry's best practices to help you with your main business challenges. By being able to focus on what really matters first, you can achieve your end goal through quick wins.

Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 is a modular solution. This means that it is both easy to implement and deploy. You can start small and then add modules to your standard offer as your business evolves, as and when you need them. We also provide project management expertise along with the solution.

We will plan your entire PLM journey in a systematic manner and adapt its highly configurable interface to your digital needs. Thanks to its pre-configured connectors, this platform interfaces easily with other IT systems and hence facilitates the onboarding process for new hires.


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