LECTRA FASHION PLM 4.0 Begin Your Journey to a Fully Digitalized Supply Chain

Begin Your Journey to a
Fully Digitalized Supply Chain

Fashion & Apparel

First End-to-End solution for managing customization and small series in Furniture


supporting business model transformation in the fashion and apparel industry

In China, giants of the textile and apparel industry that focused on manufacturing are now moving into design and product development. In doing so, they face a dual challenge: respond to increasing demand from international customers on the one hand, and develop their own brands for the domestic market on the other.

Modernizing the industrial process for furniture

China's furniture market has vast potential for expansion, with close to 44 million households replacing their furniture each year. Increasing demand for upholstered furniture, forecast to be worth $26 billion in China in 2015, pushes manufacturers to search for productivity, agility and competitiveness.

Helping automotive suppliers sustain performance

Road quality has improved significantly in recent years in China, and the post-80's generations are increasingly keen on leaving the city on weekends. Such trends are favorable to the as-yet unsaturated Chinese automotive market. However, the market remains complicated due to sales volatility and overcapacity.

Guaranteeing precision and reliability for the promising local cutting edge industries.

Production of aircrafts or wind turbines is no longer the prerogative of the Western world. China has also begun producing domestically made engines to satisfy a rising demand. Local players are thus looking for solutions capable of cutting the most complex materials.


Lectra enables customers to lock Industry 4.0 principles into their processes

N°1 Worldwide in main
geographical sectors

Lectra has developed privileged relationships with
customers in more than 100 countries

Sharpen the fashion talents of tomorrow

Lectra has always been committed to the training of future professionals in design and product development. More than 850 schools and universities worldwide benefit from its expertise, best practices and the latest generation of tools. 58 schools and universities already trust Lectra in Greater China.

Lectra's ambition is
its customers' success

Lectra helps its customers rise to their industry challenges by driving
efficient change to their processes, thus generating more value


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